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The Suffolk Breed originated in England in the Bury St. Edmonds area by an accidental mating of Norfolk Horned Ewes with a Southdown Ram in the 18th Century.  The Southdown gave the breed its quiet temperament, confirmation, and muscling, while the Norfolk Horned ewes gave taste and quality to the meat. The name of this crossed sheep was first known as the Southdown-Norfolk, South-folk or locally as “Black faces.”  By 1810 the breed was accepted as pure, and was recognized for its ease of lambing, adaptability, meat production and early maturity

Southdown image from Heritage Sheep Australia

Horned Norfolk Ewes

The Suffolk breed was first introduced into Australia as early as 1904.  In 1914 the first flock was registered by the Dept of Agriculture in Victoria.  

Suffolk rams make an excellent Terminal Sire for ease of lambing good muscling and fast growth rates; with carcasses remaining lean at heaver weights than any other breed.  

Suffolk ewes are heavy milk producers and protective mothers to their lambs. It is common for the ewes to have twins, triplets and even quadruplets. (I have had a set of quads each year for the last three years)  





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