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The Blue Rock Highland Cattle Fold and Suffolk Sheep Stud are situated at Romsey Victoria about an hour’s drive North of Melbourne. Our livestock are raised at the Historic property of “Eden Park”.

Blue Rock Highlands and Suffolks add charm and character to this Historic property, which has been in the same family since the land was first purchased at the crown grant land sales at Kilmore in 1857. In its hay day the farm totalled about 1000 acres. These days the farm consists of approximately 100 acres of natural and improved pastures. We keep our stocking rates low to ensure the good health of our animals within a stress free environment. By keeping our stocking rates low we are able to maintain and care for our soil. Extensive tree planting has been undertaken throughout the property to provide shelter not only for the livestock but the native fauna as well.

Eden Park 1904
"Eden Park" 1904



Our aim is to produce quality Stud animals that will produce high quality lean and flavoursome meat on a commercial level. We believe that if our animals are healthy and happy, this will be reflected in the quality of the end product.